Wednesday, June 19, 2019

COMPOSITE PORTRAITS (a la David Hockney)

A difficult Photography 11 project that explores David Hockney's ideas about Photography - namely the challenge that photography is mistakenly assumed to accurately represent what and how we see.  We introduce the ideas of time, binocular vision and constant movement into our imagery.  This is just a selection of some really successful results.

 Angela Aguilar

Cherise Tsang

 Elika Chiu

 Jaylen Wang

 Kathy Tran

Swana Ng

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Persons of Interest (Graphic Design 11)

A quick little poster project.  A composition exercise, some typography, some Photoshop techniques - thats about it.  Good stuff.

Josh Chiu

Sherry Du

 Adrian Engstler
Sean Yu

Cherise Tsang

Women in Art (Grade 11 Art)

A project that I started for Women's week with my terrific grade 11s and it just took of on us - only finishing now a month or so past the date.  But, of course, important at any and all times - the recognition of women in both art history and contemporary practice.  Students chose an artist and did research, then developed a portrait of that artist, perhaps referencing the style of that artist, and incorporating text (name and quote by or about the artist or her work that was relevant and inspirational.  We talked about strategies for incorporating text and image into the same composition and then, as usual, I let them run.

Images of works in progress then, after the break, finished works on display.

Judah Moar putting the finishing touches on his portrait of Louise Bourgeois

 Anna Han making some adjustments to her painting of Barbara Kruger

 hard at work

Shirley Li and her painstaking watercolour of Georgia O'Keefe

Uemura Shoen (in progress) by Lily Zhang

Ruby Xu's exquisite painting of Amrita Sher-Gil (almost done!)

Leo Li with his bold work about Irene Rice Pereira

Artemesia Gentileschi by YoYo Zhu (in progress)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Inspired By the work of Josef Muller Brockman and the abstract design of early Jazz album covers I had my Exceptional grade 10 design class create promotional posters for our department (sometimes you just need a convenient topic).  Started with collage: scrap bits of coloured paper, colour scheme, tension and unity in composition, then added text and touch ups in photoshop.  Super thrilled with the results.

Monique Fleming

Faith Thomas

Luyin Xu

Megan Althaus

Lennard Pein


Letterform logos developed from a rigourous process.  This is the big leap in grade 11: the emphasis on process becomes far more important.  hand-drawn designs are brought into illustrator, refined, live-traced and coloured.

Nancy Yin

Jenny Lee

Cherise Tsang