Thursday, October 10, 2019

People of Point Grey volume 3

Our third issue of PPG comes in a year when the talent and enthusiasm of our senior design class reaches new heights and our photography students, though perhaps suffering from an accute case of “senioritus”, tackeled their assignments with gusto.  We continue striving to showcase not only the creative talents of our design and photography students but the diversity of talent and interests within our community beyond those commonly recognized for their athletic or academic pursuits.  We have kept many things the same but changed a few, moving to a questionnaire format as well as limiting the interior pages to black and white.  Efficiency, unity and a consciousness of budget were behind the decisions but I hope you’ll agree they do nothing to tarnish the shine of our contribution to the Point Grey community.

Below is are the digital files of each spread contained in our print issue - available from your friendly Point Grey Graphics teacher for free!

Angela Aguilar

Rhys Heal

Kayli Koonar

Climate Change Strike

Words and images selected by Zack Velasco

On Friday October 27th, students around the Lower Mainland decided to fight for their future and headed to Vancouver City Hall, to protest. Photo 12 students partook in the strike, and photographed some of their highlights at the event. Photographing such a key event gave the students an opportunity to practice their street photography skills and be more confident in it. Here are some photos from the strike:

Zach Velasco

Jason Guan

Jammi Sze

Graphic Design 12: Infographics 2019

Last year's terrific batch of senior graphic design students absolutely knocked it out of the park with our most challenging assignment of the year.  The amount of thought and skill that went into these is really impressive.  The assignment, of course, is to visually communicate a fairly complex subject of their own choice using as few words as possible.  The project requires them to use all the process based strategies they have practiced throughout their time in our program as well as illustrator skills and a study of the use of charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams in graphic design.

 Kayli Koonar

 Angela Aguliar 

 Rhys Heal

 Paige Thomas 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

PHOTO 12: Paper and Light

Images selected by Ryan Graves

Our Photography 12 students walked into class one beautiful September afternoon and were shown a pile of cameras, paper and lights.  "Paper is your subject my friends.  Rip, crumple fold and bend.  Use light.  GO!"

Ella Goldman

 Emma Gibb

 Graham Maude

Jammi Sze

 Jason Guan

 Mackenzie Coleman

 Ryan Graves

Zach Velasco

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

COMPOSITE PORTRAITS (a la David Hockney)

A difficult Photography 11 project that explores David Hockney's ideas about Photography - namely the challenge that photography is mistakenly assumed to accurately represent what and how we see.  We introduce the ideas of time, binocular vision and constant movement into our imagery.  This is just a selection of some really successful results.

 Angela Aguilar

Cherise Tsang

 Elika Chiu

 Jaylen Wang

 Kathy Tran

Swana Ng