Monday, December 17, 2018

ART 8 - Warped Portraits

A fun little drawing assignment that explores mark-making, colour theory and value development.  I love how these turned out!

Alice Chen

Cindy Guo

Sammi Deighton

                                                                         Sarah Dan

PHOTO 12 - Exercises in Abstraction

Some gorgeous photography from our Senior crew:

Kasha Malinowski 

Jonah Glover-Cook

Kayli Koonar

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Our first intensive project of the year from the terrific Graphics 12 class.  Design a logo for your own design firm.

Angela Aguilar

Kayli Koonar

Phoenix Mei

Bubble - Kayli Koonar

A hilarious narrative sequence from the talented Ms. Koonar

Thursday, November 8, 2018

GRAPHICS 9 - Pro-Models

A fun project in which our junior design students explore colour theory, craftsmanship and Photoshop skills.

Hana Kuri

Joyce Sanders

Hana Kuri


Our first project with the senior Photo students: a 35 mm film portrait with a prop that both dynamically informs the composition and also is also revealing of the subject's personality.  Wer want to immediately re-introduce our students to the darkroom, careful, technical photography and composition while introducing concept into their planning process. 

Kayli Koonar

Kasha Malinowski

Victor Le

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


A project that begins with a simple symmetrical paper collage with geometric shapes of various sizes and versions of a colour.  We scan our collages, clean them up in photoshop and then explore techniques of copying, pasting, repetition, resizing, and eliminating to create complex and dynamic patterns.  I love projects like this, that start with an elementary exploration of colour and develop into something truly beautiful while hitting on so many design lessons and teach practical Photoshop application methods.

Lucas Garnett

Fred Chang

Lucas Garnett