Wednesday, February 27, 2013

TIRED MIND By Chris Bonell

These drawings are the result of a very tired mind; someone who should be sleeping.  When you get past that point of nodding off into dreams and suddenly you are wide awake with tons of energy and a sort of dark mood full of undirected and confusing emotions. Very raw and primal.  Sort of like a caveman seeing a tiger in the wild for the first time and being shocked and confused and losing an arm or a leg in the process of trying to kill it and eat it before it tries the same.  It’s the same sort of primal urges here and I’m cycling through them while all the time confused as to whether I want to rip this paper or throw it or give it a kiss or just look at it for a while.  Sometimes I get to do to all of that.  That’s a pretty good description of how this all happened, I think.

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