Friday, February 6, 2015

A History Lesson

   Posted by Mara

  Whether you had noticed or not, the Point Grey Art Club is up and running again this year. Our current project involves giving the Point Gallery (for those folks who haven't heard of it, it is Room 108, re-imagined) a more aesthetic - and creative- feel; in short, painting wooden chairs!

   Little did we know, that these chairs were a legend, throughout the VSB. Called henderson chairs, they were designed and built (each one numbered) solely in the 1960's specifically for Vancouver schools, by the master carpenter Henderson, from where they derive their name.  When I learned that they were coming up for 50-odd (!) years of service and use, I was surprised that they were still in such good condition. Innocuous, yet familiar, this distinctive design of  chairs drift in and out of classrooms, amidst their plastic and vinyl counterparts. It makes it that much cooler, then, that the chairs we are painting have a story to them; they are a legacy, repurposed.

   The club has decided on three colour schemes so far, red-purple for one chair, and turquoise for the other, and currently, sunshine yellow.  And if you think this is actually a really cool project you would like to try, you're in luck: starting soon, these chairs will make an appearance in the front hall at lunch for anybody and everybody to paint, so join us then!

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