Thursday, May 7, 2015

Many Faces

By: Mara
The many faces of Mr. Long's Art 12 and Art Careers 11 students can be seen in the front hall display case. Taking inspiration from a mentor Expressionist painter, the students were given little direction, except to paint! As you can see, everyone had a different look, though one thing is constant- the quality and effort evident in these painting. Such variety and diversity in brushstrokes, colour, techniques and style means they look pretty cool when displayed side by side.

Briar MacPherson                                                     Helen Shen

 Jing Yu Wang                                                        Robert Liu

Ryan Ye                                          Iris Wu

Tim Yang                                                       Julian Li-Brubacher

Julia Tattrie                                         Samantha Krystal

Annie Lim                                                     Mara Ireta Gordon

Teyana McClean-Mio                                          Tasha Gunning

Xin Shu                                                                     Zoe Shi

Joanna Chen                              Jeremy Gong

Erica Jessen

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