Friday, April 8, 2016

Graphics 10 Lyrics, Truisms and Gaphs: Text Posters

Jenny Wang
Alex Ng

For this project students had to choose an aphorism, quote, truism, lyric or other short phrase to reproduce as a poster.  Students were asked to create a dynamic composition, filling up an entire sheet of 18" x 24" poster board.  They were to create emphasis by manipulating colour, contrast, size and font style (shape), effectively directing a viewer in how to read the message or creating clever and appropriate visual puns.

Alex Bolzner
Andrea Sze
Ethan Lee
Andrew Sze
Jenny Jeong
Charlie Shea
Joel Urquhart
Fraser Gilmour
McNeil Fiesta

Emma Bolzner

Meris McArthur
Michelle Cheng

Olivia Fast
Nicholas Palmer
Phoebe Wang
Ron Hu
Jocelyn Hashimoto
Sylvia Li

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