Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Art 8 Lego Sculptures: Birds

Some more lego fun! - I loved watching how engaged the students were.  It's interesting how their process changes when presented with a medium that they are so familiar with.  They could get right down to the act of creation and problem solving without having to worry about how good their drawing was or how to make clay do this or that.

Danny Kwon 
Jaiya Bal,  Teonnie Darmiter 

James Gregory, Moises Lopez, Riley McMillian 

May Magallon 

Oliver Cross

Tianna Chow 

Markus Lofgren 

Mattthew Davies, Eitan Nurick, Wesley Lin 

Jasmeet Sohal, Maurine Mckay, Mabel Gu, Elektra Nikas 
Muhammad Tyab 

Arnold Liu, Henrey Young 

Nicola Stirling 

Sean Li, Danny Kwon 

Jett Van 

Nathan Heine 

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