Thursday, March 1, 2018

Graphics 11: "SEEING RED" Social Justice Posters

Inspired by the amazing See Red Women's Workshop our design 11 students explored issues of gender representation, objectification and other assumptions and messages perpetuated by our culture. Students were asked What ticks you off?  What do you see everyday that makes you so angry?  that makes you see red.  They worked with intentionally analogue, DIY imagery and production methods and were asked to come up with a catch phrase, slogan or question for the audience that would make them question imagery that they take for granted.

Rhys Andrews 

Angela Aguilar 

Jason Yuen 

Kayli Koonar 

Vanessa Chan 

Alex Ballie 

Christina Nguyen 

Brandon Ross 

Eddy Spencer 

Teo Laza 

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