Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unbounded by Connie Huang

Next up in our series of self-curated student exhibitions is Connie Huang.  Connie understands that the act of painting; the process of discovery, exploration and trial and error in painting infuses that work with potent symbolic meaning.  Check out Francis Bacon for some context. Check out the process work for the last two paintings for a deeper understanding of Connie's working methods.

It starts off as an observation, or a word
next comes a thought, or a feeling
then, that speck of thought sparks,
and triggers
a profusion of ideas and visualizations.

Then, I explore, because
I do not believe in success of initial conception
I do not expect to achieve perfection from meticulous planning
I am sometimes reborn in accidents, ruins
I journey through trial and error and hunt for the best outcome

I make sure that I am FREE when I create.

 Free To Judge 1

 Free to Judge 2




The process of creating Accumulation


The evolution of Domain

1 comment:

  1. Free to Judge is powerful.
    The juxtaposition of words sipped prior to viewing makes her idea of 'fluidity' even more valid.