Thursday, May 29, 2014

Art Careers at Satellite Part 2

Friday April 25th saw the Art Careers 12 group return to the satellite gallery for a full day workshop.  The plan included working with the artists, developing imagery and then creating a collaborative installation of the artwork developed in the Gallery's "window space".

The group worked with the artists creating contact microphones from scratch.  They used the mics in the area collecting sound native to the location, a strategy that the grad students used themselves.

 They then ran the collected sounds through a program called "Audacity" which transformed the sounds into abstract images, which were then projected onto the walls of the gallery.

Pinning paper up the walls, the students responded to the images projected, tracing, colouring, drawing.
It was interesting to see the development of their collaborative process, beginning quietly, tentatively, safely, and developing into a more interactive and discussive, though still fairly tentative, relationship.

Now they had the challenge, using much the same collaborative strategies as were used in the Grad student's exhibition, to inhabit the window space and, using their developed imagery as well as any found items, to install a "stream of consciousness exhibition.  I stayed outside and watched (which they said made them feel like "gerbils in a cage" :) and it was fascinating.  I watched them learn how to work with one another and how to work with what they had to develop an interesting, engaging and meaningful exhibition.

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