Tuesday, June 3, 2014

In Between: a Gallery Review by Nancy Tseng

Artist : David Burdeny

Title of show: Saudade 

Location: Jennifer Kostuik Gallery

At a first glance, Burdeny’s artworks look nothing more than simplistic parallel objects, or patterned landscapes. Then you ponder upon this simplicity. What is this? These are actually photographs? Where is this? How is this taken? The foggy background presents an ominous feeling, which almost numbs your senses. It offers a melancholy, wistful, and confusing atmosphere, which makes it that much more intriguing.

Burdeny’s purpose behind these photographs is this idea of Saudade: a Portuguese word referring to this desire for what was or what could be—to be someplace anywhere but the present. These photographs are supposed to represent a dream state where one floats above and wonders through, with no prescribed destination. Burdeny purposely objectifies his images, to create this feeling of being neither of this world, or another, but in between.

With this idea of objectifying images, and Burdeny’s use of parallel structure/pattern, I similarly took photos of architectural structures and landscapes. By playing with close-ups, and angles, I wanted to achieve Burdeny’s idea of Saudade, and create that dream state of floating in between worlds. 

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