Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Commercial Design 11 Letterform Development

This project by our Commercial Design 11 students served two purposes:  It encouraged students to study letterform development through the deconstruction and then development of letterforms, and gave me a snazzy new cupboard labelling system!  The students are focusing on the importance of process, fundamentals of visual communication, and the interpretation of image using different mediums.  Students had to enlarge their designs proportionately and use a limited palette of coloured tape to execute their designs.  Click on each student's name to see process work (it's really neat - you won't be disappointed:)

Shabir Sharif "M"
Felix Huang "B"
by Rachel Au "A"
by Stephanie Huynh "C"
by Lucy Liao "I"
by Ryan Lee "E"
by Sabrina Li "G"
by Selena Li "H"

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