Friday, January 8, 2016

Art Careers: Tabitha Chen

The topic of my art blog assignment is “The Human Face". I picked the five facial senses drawing and the other pieces of skull drawing which I have done as practise . The connections between all these pieces of art works are they are all pencil works, all about human's faces. I have been interested in building stronger basic skills, creating pretty facial senses by pencil and learning the ratios between five facial senses . I have always trying to achieve my spacial shading. Pushing my drawing skills to a higher level is my goal of doing this art blog.

My interest of this drawing is to learning the basic ratios in human's face. This is my first practice facial drawing. By doing this drawing, I am trying to achieve a stronger basic skill of sketching.
For my skull drawing practice, I drew a young man looking to the side. In this drawing, I am interested in the nose, because it is a big challenge for me. This is my second real facial drawing. my goal of this drawing is to make it look like a real man.
Sometimes, people do not have to see the whole face to get to know the person, and what they are considering. Eyes are always saying something about people’s minds. I would like to let readers have the imagination of the full facial expression only by reading such an eye drawing. The shading part is what I am interested for this drawing.

As an ear drawing practice, the goal of this drawing is making the ear look 3D. For this drawing, the shading part is what I am interested in, and also my favourite part. I would love to let people having good imaginations after they see this drawing. The imaginations could be the stories behind this human ear, or something else.
This is a practise piece of mouth drawing. I have always tried to express the feeling of relaxation and grace in this piece. I don't want to draw the whole beauty of the face. Instead, I would like to pick one portion of the lovely face, describe the specific details well. I am interested in the shading. With this piece, I want to exercise the imagination of the reader.
This is a skull practice drawing , mostly using straight lines to draw the whole skull drawing. Drawing such a skull from a side angle is a little bit harder compare to a front angle. However, such a side angle drawing is the basic practise in the path of facial drawing. Even though such a skull drawing might looks not that pretty, it is the basics of every facial drawing. For this drawing, I have only few straight lines. Improving my basic skills is the goal which I have been always trying to achieve.

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