Friday, October 12, 2012

FRACTALS by Angus Johnson

Welcome to the first of many student artist solo exhibitions to be featured on our blog.

Our featured artist this week is Angus Johnson.  Angus spends his days in our graphics lab.  Most of the time he should probably be somewhere else.  Most of the time he is not working on what he's supposed to be working on.  But he is always making art.  It is very rare that you meet a young artist with the amount of dedication, drive,  imagination and individual and unique vision as Angus.


Fractals are geometrical patterns that are exactly the same at every scale.
Detailed mathematical constructs: The cells in our bodies, leafs on the trees,  the stars in the galaxies.
This is an ongoing project that explores their existence and relevance in everyday life.

Check out some of Angus's other amazing artwork here

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