Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ripped Paper Drawings

Another beautiful assignment from my Life-skills/Learning Assistance class:

Students found a partner and created these compositions collaboratively.  Some students called them mozaics and some wanted to call them collages, which are both somewhat accurate descriptions.  I preferred to refer to them as ripped-paper drawings because the focus of the class was that we could make art out any material - and we could think of drawing in any way that we wanted - not just precious sketches with an HB pencil.

I started by asking them to fill in a border thinking that I would interupt them later to go onto my next set of instructions.  Well, they did the border but they got so into it that they didn't stop.  And of course I didn't want to stop them when they were so immersed in the art making process so I let them keep going with no further instruction.  Some of them naturally developed abstract images.  We talked about abstraction: what it meant and why it was an interesting way of creating art.  I used the example of seeing things in clouds and the kids immediately perked up and started an excited discussion of the various things that they were seeing in the drawings.  I know it's a limited way of looking at abstract art but whatever works right?

Here are some of the beautiful results:

Jennifer Law (her partner was not into it and went to draw hockey players:)

 Navdeep Binning, Delvin

 Elton Lee, Najma Passayer, Deborah Broadley

Crystal Lam, Casey Kong

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